Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Just passed my NC2 Assessment for Massage Therapy last April 1.
Settled some bills and manage the online shop in between paid clickings, volunteer cyber patrol and OJT's.
Still recovering from my panic buying streaks of Dr. Alvin's, plane tickets and shop supplies.

Still recovering what does it mean? Lack of time?
I'm penniless! All the cash on hand can't be use for spending on other things. Aside from basic needs.
School is over. The only pleasure I have now is my Asus Chromebook and a pack of cigar.
Yes I'm dealing with my nerdy separation anxiety. I still take long deep breaths whenever I remember the 3 in 1 coffee frenzy at the school cafeteria and free peppermint and lavender  massage oils for massage laboratory.
What am I to do?  I can feel the caffeine in my blood stream from 6 months of drinking, 6 cups(BIG) of coffee daily. Not allowed to spend even a cent on anything I like. 

EUREKA! It's MOOC(Massive Open Online Courses).  Free online courses(skills) with free certificate of completion:


   $1, 567.75 ++ SAVED! BIG Thanks Udemy 

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